Eco Deck Ipe Structural Deck Tile 2x6 Grade A

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The flagship product where it all began over 10 years ago.  The 2x6 rectangular module is compact, easy to transport and easy to install. Solid Certified Kiln dried Ipe hardwood gives you 4 square feet of finishes decking in each tile. 

Total thickness 1 5/8th" inch (with spacer account for 1 3/4")

Size 23 7/8th" X 70 7/8th" with spacers between tiles it comes to a full 2'x6' size

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Screws with wide heads to allow you to make easy modifications to perimeter tiles

(Grade A) ABF certified Kiln dried Ipe wood of exceptional quality and vertical grain. No knots bore holes or sapwood.