Eco Deck Ipe Structural Deck Tile Grade B Brazilian Hardwood Deck Tile

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Our  Eco Deck Structural Deck tile in Grade B lumber,  for those on a budget we present the best option to create an Ipe deck paver deck.  Most deck tiles on the internet use a grade B lumber.  Eco Deck Structural Ipe deck tile Grade B are the same great construction with stainless steel screws however the lumber will have more variation of color and grain than our Grade A

At one third less the cost of Grade A, these tiles are the same size at 24"x 24" X 1 5/8th thickness. They use the same marine grade stainless steel screws in there construction.


 The difference between grade A and B 

- Lighter colored IPE with some variation in color

- occasional bore hole or knot on the underside of the paver

-some rough edges under the deck boards,   (not on surface)