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Premier Quality Support For Creating Exceptional Exterior Floors

Our pedestals and sub floor materials allows you to design and install any of our deck tiles or pavers at elevations from between 1/2″ to 2′ above an existing surface accommodation uneven surfaces and grades of up to 5%.

Discover the different systems that allow you to create a beautiful, perfectly floor precisely at the right height in otherwise unusable or undesirable spaces.

There are four distinct approaches for creating your raised floor, each appropriate based on the surface and type of finished floor desired:

  1. Adjustable Pedestals: Our most
  2. Hybrid Pedesatals:
  3. Fixed Pedestals:
  4. Interlocking Deck Tiles (Wood Only): For placement on an existing level surface at a minimal raised height. Tiles incorporate an interlocking composite sub frame that allows the flooring to be connected to create a seamless wood deck

The only requirement for building a raised floor is that the surface being built upon is

  • solid: Does not move and designed to handle the weight of the traffic your raised floor is intended to support.
  • Waterproof: Your raised floor is designed to allow water to flow through to the sub- surface on which it is being built

The edges of your raised floor will end either at a wall, flush with another floor surface or open. Below are how we suggest completing the floor in each situation:

Against wall or flush to other floor:Our pedestals are designed to have their feet cut so that your final pavers/deck tiles can be cut to a size to sit flush against a wall . No vertical face is required to finish the edge.

Open Face. We offer special clips that adhere to the outside edge pedestals to create a vertical face to which you can apply cut pieces of your flooring to create a finished vertical face.

For rooftops, balconies and other above ground installations raised floors allow you to create a flat floor at precisely the right height, compensating for drainage slope and/or undesirable step downs from interior  to exterior environments.Concealing and protecting above ground services such as electrical and piping.

  • Improving heat and sound insulation
  • Facilitating rapid surface drainage
  • Allows easy access to permanent sub floor
  • Offers solution to areas prone to flooding
  • Reduces installation cost and time
  • A permanent solution that is easily removable if needed

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