Deck Tile FAQ

Our deck tiles are best suited for applications such as  Balconies, urban roof tops, patios above living spaces or a garage. Easy to install and therefore easy to remove if needed gives them the advantage over traditional framed decks.  Our deck tiles can be transported up elevators to urban rooftops with ease.  Once installed they can be picked up to service the waterproofing or irrigation or under deck lighting with ease. Deck Tiles have the amazing durability of hardwood or porcelain creating one of the most robust decking systems in the market today

The differences between different deck tiles in the market place.

Grade A or Grade B lumber.  Grade A is higher quality lumber than Grade B.  Grade A will have all vertical grain with very little color variation.  No knots or bore holes and smooth texture front and back.  We build our products in both grades for all budgets

Certified or not certified lumber has a vast difference.  Certified means that the wood is sourced from sustainable forestry with certificate of origin.  Our products come from one certified source keeping the chain of custody from harvest to our warehouse.  Every part of manufacturing is kept within the chain ensuring the wood that is used is the same that is harvested at the source.  We have been using the same mill and our own manufacturing for over 12 years.  They abide by the strict requirements to be call certified and sustainable.

Different plastics make different grid system for our interlocking series. Our plastic base was designed with longevity in mind.  You perhaps have seen many different deck tiles online.  Some use very thin 10mm lumber with PVC bases.  These are poor quality and come with no warranty.  Our Eco Decking Tiles line uses a polypropylene base that will not break down with uv exposure or simply time.  We are the only deck tile manufacturer to offer a 10 year warranty on our interlocking tiles.  In addition we have made sure that you get the most wood for the money and use a solid 17mm lumber on the interlocking series.  This is almost double the gauge of our competitors.


 Our deck design and consulting team at deck tile direct has been providing solutions for homeowners, designers and architects for over 10 years. It is what we do and what we know.  Give us a call anytime to discuss the possibilities for your outdoor design.  We will work with you every step of the way to create the floor of your dreams.  Please call us to discuss the possibilities of your application with one of our pros  

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