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Where to use our decking

Our deck tiles are best suited for applications such as  Balconies,  roof top decks, patios above living spaces or a garage or on grade ground level patios or plaza decks. Easy to install and therefore easy to remove,  if needed,  gives these types of decks the advantage over traditional framed decks.  Our deck tiles can be transported up elevators to urban rooftops with ease. Once our elevated decking is installed,  it will protect the underneath waterproofing from UV exposure making for a much longer lifespan.  In addition hidden gas or electrical lines can be added far more easily than framed decks.  Deck Tiles have the amazing durability of hardwood,   artificial turf or porcelain creating one of the most robust decking systems in the market today for any type of environment. 


Balcony Decks,   

with Porcelain Pavers

porcelain pavers over balcony surfaces 


Interlocking wood deck tiles


Structural wood deck tiles

Whether you use our porcelain pavers, structural wood pavers or our Eco Decking interlocking wood deck tiles to provide a low profile outdoor flooring solution for balconies. The pavers are loose laid over any type of balcony deck without causing threshold issues. Choose porcelain over our rubber Rise It pads, or our Eco deck interlocking deck tile series for an easy and fast installation that will dramatically improve your outdoor living. 


Roof Top Decks with Porcelain Pavers or FRP grating and artificial turf

roof top porcelain paver over pedestal deck

Using our porcelain pavers over pedestals or artificial turf and FRP grating over pedestals, creating an elevated deck over roof top surfaces is clearly the way to go.    Conduit, gas lines or undermount lighting can be easily added to create a stunning and functional space over any roof space. 

Patio Areas on Grade 

Structural wood or porcelain pavers can be in set into a sand bed,  thin set to existing concrete, or simply placed on top of existing concrete without our fixed height or adjustable pedestals.   All of our products are certified sustainable, or use a partially recycled material. On grade plaza decks or residential patios are best suited for these materials. 


Walk decks and pathways connect one space to the next and are best suited for all of our materials, either wood, porcelain or turf.

Whatever your application is we are here to help, consult, quote and deliver from start to finish we will be there to make sure we value engineer your project in cost and the right parts and pieces. 

Our deck design and consulting team at deck tile direct has been providing solutions for homeowners, designers and architects for over 15 years. It is what we do and what we know.  Give us a call anytime to discuss the possibilities for your outdoor design.  We will work with you every step of the way to create the floor of your dreams.   

Call us toll free 888 335 8453 or email us for a quote