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New Product Highlight: "Deck Turf" FRP structural grating for elevated roof decking

We are always innovating and re inventing our product line.  With over 15 years of product development under out feet we know what works and what doesn't stand the test of time.   Sure low cost deck tiles bought at costco or Ikea work for the season,  but time and time again we hear if these products being thrown in the dumpster once they fail. We build our products to last the test of time.  Our ideal decking is something you install and forget about for the rest of your life.   Gone are the days of building pine or cedar decks that need constant maintenance.

Introducing.... Deck Turf an FRP grating and artificial turf elevated decking system

FRP grating is a durable non porous strong grating tray whcih can be installed over pedestals, joists, or simple shims to create a new subfloor over any surface.  These trays are incredibly powerful for things like roof decks, docks and piers and anywhere you need a strong grating that wont corrode like metal gratings and is half the weight.  FRP gratings have become the go to for our deck turf application. 

The system starts with pedestals and the gratings placed and secured on top.   Once your new subfloor is installed you have a drainable strong elevated deck ready to install your product of choice.  

The gratings will accept stone pavers, porcelain pavers, and artificial grass of any kind.  You can combine deck turf with say a porcelain paver deck, or a structural wood deck tile deck easily.  The areas are treated as separate areas that adjoin each other as the frp grating will add a 1" height increase to the surface,  so double up on pedestals and use several products on the same deck. 

Elevated artificial grass decks are commonly used on roof decks, for pet and play areas.  they can also be used on ground level applications as well. 

Typical roof deck of a home with glass railings,  underneath is our Deck Turf FRP tray system. 

deck turf elevated decking system

INstalling our 2x4 FRP trays to the pedestals and going across the entire deck to create a new level and drainable floor. 

deck turf elevated turf decking for roof decks


Each panel is secured to the top of the pedestal.  Once the frp flooring is secured you are ready to roll out the turf and secure it with seam tape to the surface. 

deck turf secured to pedestal

The use of our deck turf to allow for porcelain pavers to be used over a very high elevated area.  This is a pool deck finished with 12x24" porcelain pavers

porcelain pavers on FRP grating

deck turf

 deck turf on roof deck


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