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The Deck Tile Project Blog

New Deck Tile Projects and Products for 2016


2016/17  Deck Tile Direct with new projects and innovative new decking products, 2016 saw the immense popularity of using porcelain pavers over traditional stone pavers. They are clearly the latest craze in modular flooring.  We are very proud to be a part of it,  by importing and distributing some of the best Italian porcelain products for raised floors. Being dealers for Florim, Caesar Ceramics and Landmark Ceramics we have a robust portfolio of over 40 colors and styles.  Our new products have far exceeded our expectations in both durability and good looks.  The below photos show some of our 2016 projects from this past year.  Simulated stone, simulated hand cast concrete and simulated wood all available now in a low maintenance yet lightweight paver for raised floors.  Ask us for more details and a quick color brochure of in stock products.  Very exciting times for modular pedestal decking, indeed. 


Pictured above a skyrise rooftop, San Francisco completed by Eco Arbor Designs,  Feb 2016


The Pearl Hotel, Florida Completed June 2016

The pear hotel is just that the pearl of the west cape of Florida.  Tucked into an area full of white sand beaches it is a true luxury resort experience and the essence of a boutique hotel.  The design is classic Florida with a clean, modern yet tropical look and feel.  Our porcelain pavers in sandy white were the perfect fit and it shows.  The entire floor is elevated over 6 inches to hide conduit, gas lines for the firepit and drains underneath. The results were,  well... lets just say epic!


Design Improvements to our proprietary Wood Pavers.  No one does them like we do!

Improvements to our wood pavers far exceed the competition.  Our focus has always been wood quality.  But what about the construction of our wood pavers.  Being that they are hand made.  It is important to use the best materials available to us.  Well that's why we went the extra mile to create a wood paver with the best marine grade 316 stainless steel screws,  the highest grade for corrosion resistance.  This small detail ensures that the paver will last the test of time along with hardwoods such as Ipe with a 40 year lifespan. .  This combined with our new fixation screws creates a paver that will last 40+ years without any doubt.  Imagine that a deck that lasts 40+ years.  This saves waste, time and money for any commercial or residential project.  Set it and forget it is the best type of outdoor flooring. 

Design Improvements to our Paver Tray support and Snow melt system

For 2016 we have improved our support tray system for our porcelain pavers.  For a raised floor of over 24" we recommend our paver  tray system which allows the paver to have added support and the option of snow melt.  These strong .5" thick trays support the paver over the pedestals ensuring zero chance of failure even if the tile where to crack under a load of 2000 lbs or more.  These incredibly strong trays snap onto the paver itself and create a bulletproof floor for heavy duty commercial applications.  Our paver trays also address wind uplift concerns by enabling the paver to be secured to each pedestals giving the floor a one piece strength against wind uplift.  Each paver tray is bonded to the paver using a strong PL adhesive, the tray and paver are then set in place over the pedestal. 

pedestal pavers hex tray

porcelain pavers for elevated decks

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