Structural Porcelain 2CM Pavers

Porcelain Slab pavers in stock for the 2015/16 season. Porcelain slab pavers are 3/4 inch thick (2cm) slabs of solid porcelain. Available in high end slip resistant outdoor surface finished. Porcelain has Zero water absorption rate making it perfect for outdoor use.   Completely fire proof and virtually maintenance free.  Porcelain slab pavers can be set on pedestals for raised floors or simply laid in a sand bed on grade for a beautiful slip resistance floor.  We offer a unique line of Italian imported porcelain in many simulated stone, simulated wood or simulated hand cast concrete options.  Porcelain slab pavers are not susceptible to  de-lamination such as genuine stone and as a result are maintenance free.  Just an occasional power wash is all that is needed to keep them clean. 




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