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Telescoping and Adjusting Pedestals by Elmich

Pedestal systems enable you to quickly and easily build elevated decks using pavers, wood tiles or steel grating over sloping or uneven substrates without the need to construct expensive supporting structures of sleepers or bearers.

Pedestal paver systems are ideal for constructing decks over pipes, cables or service ducts and for building perfectly horizontal rooftop decks using modular paving slabs. These deck supports can be used in a very diverse range of applications, including landscaping, elevated decks, rooftop decks, balconies, patios, plaza decks,rooftops and water features. Most commonly they are used to support unit pavers including porcelain, concrete, stone or structural wood tiles, but can also be used to support wood bearers, for constructing traditional wood plank decks.

When building an elevated deck with modular paving slabs, the pavers are supported only at each of the four corners, although additional pedestals may also be installed either under the center of a paver or midway along the edge of a paver, depending on the size of the paver and the anticipated loading.

Typically, at the very lowest elevations up to about 1 1/2″ high, fixed height pedestals are used to support modular slab pavers, with the pads inserted under each corner of the paver. The lowest pads provide a ground clearance of 3/8″ but can be stacked on top of each other to provide an increasing height over sloping ground up to the point where adjustable height pedestals can be used.